The inside of a purse unveils sixty-year history of creativity, innovation and passion. Daring and experimenting. Creating and modeling with bold determination, innate courage. That is how Carla Braccialini has always worked, spurred by a creative soul that led her to become the extraordinary founder of the Braccialini brand.
Her dream took shape in 1954 when, together with her husband Roberto, she began sewing her first bag. Not just a mere bag like many others but, rather, a bag that embodied the fantasy, the cheerfulness, the sparkling colors that will remain the indelible and distinctive traits throughout all of the Braccialini collections.
Most of all, Carla Braccialini will turn a bag into an instrument that tells a story and raises emotions, enables you to escape reality, exalts your feelings and goes beyond any preset scheme to explore new horizons, creating new, custom trends. Inventing a unique style that is absolutely personal, without ever neglecting elegance and femininity.
Sixty years have passed since that very first bag, sixty years marked by success on an international scale that made of Braccialini one of the most renowned and distinguished Italian leather companies.